Flip Your House

USING HARD MONEY LOANS TO FLIP YOUR HOUSE: 3CALoan From last few years, flipping houses has become very popular. Books like Rich Dad, Poor Dad by Robert Kiyosaki and few TV shows like Flip this house can give you a big knowledge to Flip Your House Easily. SO HOW DOES HOUSE FLIPPING WORK? To easily … Continue reading "Flip Your House"


YOU CAN USE TAX RETURN IN HOME-RELATED THINGS Almost all Americans are expecting a tax refund in the coming week. If you are one of them and thinking to go on a trip, a shopping spree or something fun but these ideas will make your money burning a hole in your pocket. You can think … Continue reading "USE TAX RETURN"

California Home equity loan

Ways a California Home Equity Loan Works for People to Earn Extra Money: 3CALoan Almost every American homeowners need extra money for their basic needs like healthcare bills, college education, home renovations or something else. At the same point being a homeowner you probably will have one benefit that you can use your substantial equity … Continue reading "California Home equity loan"


HARD REAL ESTATE LOANS: 3CALOAN Hard real estate loans- Hard real estate loans are short-term loans secured by real estate and issued by private investors or companies. They are usually a 12 months term loans, but they can extend from 2 to 5 years as well. This type of loan is a specific type of … Continue reading "HARD REAL ESTATE LOANS"

Private money lending guide

PRIVATE MONEY LENDING GUIDE: 3CALoan Who are private money lenders? Private money lenders are a non-institutional individual or a company that gives a loan to borrowers. The loan comes secured on the basis of a note and deed to trust for a real estate transaction. Private money lenders typically have some type of relationship with … Continue reading "Private money lending guide"