15 year home loan

Pros and Cons of 15 year home loan fixed mortgage: 3CALoan There are many different home loans available while buying a home. There are different loan varying term lengths, names, and many other factors to consider. Your local mortgage loan officer will tell you all the things related to the home loan. The local mortgage … Continue reading "15 year home loan"


HOW TO TRACK YOUR EXPENSES WHEN FIX AND FLIP HOMES To easily fix and flip homes you can buy a home for a cheaper price, fix up the things which need to fix in the home and then sell it for more price which you paid off early to buy that home. From last few … Continue reading "FIX AND FLIP HOMES"

Past Employment History

Don’t Let Your Past Employment History Affect your Mortgage The first rule to secure a home loan is you should have 2 years past employment history. This is the thinking of most of the people. We will help you to get you around your sketchy employment past. Stay in the Same Industry The true meaning … Continue reading "Past Employment History"

Local Hard Money Lenders

Local Hard Money Lenders are a Real Estate Investors Dream: 3CALoan Investing in a real estate is no longer that you want to buy that house. But it became a way for many people to generate income. You can earn a profit by investing in real estate and it is also the oldest form of … Continue reading "Local Hard Money Lenders"

Private hard money home loans

Private Hard Money Loans In California: 3CALOAN Private hard money home loans are issued by a non-institutional individual to borrowers. The home loan comes secured on the basis of a note and deed to trust for a real estate transaction. Private money lenders typically have some type of relationship with the borrower as opposed to … Continue reading "Private hard money home loans"

Home Closing Fees

Home Closing Fees Can be Lowered: 3CALoan Being a good homebuyer, you have settled and negotiated on the home’s value but it is not everything. You are more opportunity to save your money. One of them is by lowering your home closing fees while buying a home. Home closing fees consist of services and specific … Continue reading "Home Closing Fees"