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Local Hard Money Lenders are a Real Estate Investors Dream: 3CALoan

Local Hard Money LendersInvesting in a real estate is no longer that you want to buy that house. But it became a way for many people to generate income. You can earn a profit by investing in real estate and it is also the oldest form of investing. Earlier when there was no way for people to trade in stocks and bonds, real estate was the only way to grow their wealth. Many people need help to buy a real estate because they can’t afford on their own. Sometimes local hard money lenders are the better option than banks.


You have to be very quick when you are in the market to buy a home. Most people opt hard money home loan for this reason because the process of this home loan is very fast. In hard money loan, the local hard money lenders can lend you the home loan in just 4 days. After the final documents have been signed, received, and finalized, the money will be available to you quite quickly. Whether you need the money to purchase your dream home or for a quick sale of an investment property that’s going hot on the market, hard money home loan will be best for you. The entire process can happen much more quickly than a traditional or bank lending and mortgaging process.

If you finance a home loan from bank then you have to go through a huge underwriting process and its usually very lengthy and you also have to wait long for the approval process. There are a lot of documents which you have to fill out, paperwork to produce, and forms to sign all of this will take time. As a result, you will be able to start work on fixing your investment much more quickly if you opt private hard money loan lenders.


When it comes to home loans, the bank doesn’t like taking risks. If you are in the market to purchase a home that needs a lot of work, the bank will usually turn you down for a home loan. The bank will consider too much risk to give home loan even if the value of the home which you like to purchase is expected to increase after you will work on it. When it comes to the bank to finance a home loan then there is not a lot of wiggle room. Their guidelines are very specific along with the requirements about the condition of the property.

Private hard money loan lenders can understand the fact that everyone can purchase the property at cheap-rates and can also be fixed at a reasonable price. Local hard money lenders will help you better because they will take it as a good investment rather than a huge risk.


Sometimes, there are things which happen and you can’t control them, due to that your FICO score takes as hit. Things like you lost your job and due to that, you missed a few payments on your credit card. Generally, local hard money lenders don’t care about the credit history or any bumps that can damage your credit score, they only focus on the deal in their hand.

Private hard money loan lenders save time to not dig into the borrower background to analyze the financial history. They don’t care about the credit card payments which you have done or not in the past or any other mistake by you which can damage your financial health. So in this way, private hard money loan lenders are able to do closing faster than the bank. If you will go to the bank they will only offer home loans to people with good credit score.


Banks don’t like to finance a home loan if you have debt payments higher than 33% of your provable income. Situations, where you can have higher debt payment, is when you have started a new venture or you are self-employed. Local hard money lenders don’t consider debt-to-income ratio as an important part of the loan application. They are very less strict about that. Local hard money lenders are more concerned about the value of the property.

Final Thoughts

There are many types of home loans but hard money home loans are common in financing real estate. Going with a hard money lender instead can be a good way to avoid traditional financing options. For the down payments and interest rates, hard money loans are completely different from other home loans. People like real estate developers, house flippers, builders, and contractors are commonly found opting for this type of home loan. You have to be careful and avoid making any costly mistakes. Our goal is to provide opportunities for people to meet their financial goals through alternative financing options something different from the traditional method of money lending.

Possibly, from the distinctions above, you will find the best way to get a home loan. If you still have any doubt or you’re ready to obtain a home loan, Feel free to contact us. You can contact us at (818) 322-5626 or (818) 3CA-Loan today! 3CALoan local mortgage broker provides no tax return home loan which is also called no tax return, without tax return, private hard money home loan, private hard money loan, bank statement home loan, bank statement loan, equity loan and many more. We will run you through the details of home loans and hold your hand throughout the process.

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