Lancaster: private hard money loanLancaster is a city located in Los Angeles County, South California with the population of 168,050. Lancaster has an aggregate area of 94.5 square miles of which 94.3 square miles is land and rest of it is water. The air pollution index in Lancaster is approximately 93.0. The weather temperatures, on the other hand, oscillate between a high point of 93.30° F in July with a low point of 33.30° F in January.

Hence, of the total housing units, which is around 54,200, the owner occupied housing unit is around 28,950. On the contrary, the renter occupied housing unit is estimated to be 20,550 while the vacant housing unit is approximately 4.700. The total household expenditure of the city is below the national average. The crime rate in the city is above the national average, however. The least frequent crime in Lancaster is larceny risk. The most frequent, on the other hand, is assault risk.

The average household income of the city is about $69,200 with the average home value being around $274,300. The median age of the population in Lancaster is approximately 32. About 51,100 people of the population are married and 61,500 of them are single. There are around 92,030 male residents and 92,030 female residents living in the city of Lancaster. Their per capita income is estimated to be approximately $21,130. Of the people employed, 36% are blue collar employees, while 64% are white collar employees. The total number of households of this city located in the Greater Los Angeles area is estimated to be 56,300 with about 3 people per household on average.

Services We Provide in Lancaster

Whether you are looking for a property to purchase or refinance, we can help you find a program suitable to your needs. There are several loan options to choose from, which include the following:

Home Loans

  • FHA home loans make it easier for a borrower to qualify for a loan and make a small down payment.
  • Conforming loans, the largest segment of loans in the country, must adhere to the guidelines and significant loan limits set by Fannie Mae and Freddie Mac.
  • Conventional loans are safe loans that differ from other government regulated loans. They are designed to meet the needs of borrowers with good credit.
  • Manufactured home loans are excellent for individuals with an imperfect financial history who dream of home ownership.
  • High balance loans are loans that exceed conforming loan limits for borrowers living in expensive regions of the country.
  • Jumbo home loans make it possible for the borrower to buy an expensive home because they allow the borrower to get large loan balances.
  • Stated Income Loan requires the borrower to state her monthly income on a mortgage application.
  • Private hard money lenders secure these asset based loans by the strength of the purchased real estate more than the borrower’s financial credit.
  • Stand-alone second (2 lien) loans are additional loans that a borrower takes out against his house despite already having a first mortgage. He usually takes this loan out to access cash.

Lancaster: private hard money loan

Other Loans

  • In all, multifamily and apartment loans are financing options used to purchase or renovate a multifamily dwelling unit or an apartment building, respectively.
  • Commercial loans are used to finance the growth of their companies consisting of purchasing properties or constructing properties. Simply put, these loans are used to help payoff expensive necessities to start and operate a new business.
  • Mixed use properties consist of multiple units zoned for different purposes such as commercial, residential, industrial, institutional, and even cultural. Mixed use property loans are financing options to help finance mixed use buildings between business owners and financial institutions.

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