Individual tax identification number (ITIN) is a new type of loan created for foreign nationals and immigrants. If you do not have Social Security Number then this loan is meant for you. It doesn’t matter that you are resident or nonresident and have been issued an ITIN then you may be eligible for a home loan. If you want to get an ITIN loan and you do not have citizenship or a social security number then you can contact anytime. By using your ITIN number you can apply for the ITIN Loan and for more information you can contact us at 818-322-5626.

Documentation requirement for ITIN loan:

  • Passport or U.S. Government ID Card
  • 2 Years employment in the same or similar line of work (can be salaried or self-employed)
  • 2 Years Tax Returns using their I-TIN number
  • Credit Report, such as utility and phone bills
  • There should be no bankruptcy or foreclosure in the last 5 years.!

Loan Guidelines:

  • Minimum Down Payment of 10%
  • Fixed-Rate Mortgage with 15, 20, or 30 Year Term
  • Closing cost higher as compared to conventional loans
  • Available to non-citizens!
  • This loan can only be used for a home that is owner occupied (primary residence)
  • Not a hard money loan
  • Property types eligible are single family homes, condos, and PUDs.
  • This loan meant for undocumented home buyers
  • FHA does not offer any ITIN programs


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