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Pre-qualification v. Pre-approval

What is the difference between Mortgage Pre-qualification v. Pre-approval? Before I elaborate on the difference between a pre-qualification v. pre-approval, I will give a brief outline on the difference between the two processes. (more…) ...
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Is getting a Mortgage Broker Worthwhile?

Should you consider using a mortgage broker when buying a house? When you are looking to buy a new house, you are usually trying to find a perfect mortgage loan for the property. Moreover, finding a perfect mortgage loan that fits your financial needs and even your lifestyle is a ...
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Alternative Loan Qualification Secrets

Alternative Loan Secrets In the mortgage industry, the borrower has a good amount of requirements to meet in order to get a loan. Proof of income usually comes on top of the list. I mean, without it how does the lender expect the borrower to qualify for the loan? It ...
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