Hard money loan lenders

Financing with Hard money loan lenders: 3CALoan Traditional Loans vs. Hard Money Loans If you can’t qualify for a traditional loan but for a particular project you needed the money to complete a project or for another reason than a hard money loan can help you better. Hard money loans are different from traditional loans, … Continue reading "Hard money loan lenders"

Loan to value guidelines

Loan to value guidelines: 3CALoan Everyone loves to buy a new home. While buying a home it’s easy to think about the fun aspects but the most important thing is obtaining a mortgage. From this loan to value guidelines blog, your all doubts will be clear. How a loan-to-value ratio affects your mortgage payment In … Continue reading "Loan to value guidelines"

Stated Income Loan Program

Stated Income Loan Program: 3CALoan In the stated income loan program, the lender does not check the borrower’s income by looking at their income tax returns, W-2 forms, pay slip, or other records. The borrower states his or her income. Consequently, the lender trusts this information. It is also known as no doc loans.  Guidelines … Continue reading "Stated Income Loan Program"