Stated Income Loan Program

Stated Income Loan Program: 3CALoan In stated income loan program, the lender does not check the borrower’s income by looking at their income tax returns, W-2 forms, pay slip, or other records. The borrower states his or her income. Consequently, the lender trusts this information. It is also known as no doc loans.  Guidelines of … Continue reading "Stated Income Loan Program"

Private money vs Hard money

Major differences between Private money vs Hard money Loans There’s more to Private money vs Hard money loans than simply the prospect of buying a home with bad credit. It’s a good idea to understand how these two types of mortgage lending differ. This is especially the case when you compare them to more traditional … Continue reading "Private money vs Hard money"

Stated Income Loan Lenders

Stated Income Loan Lenders: 3CALoan Stated income mortgage loans are synonymous to no doc loans. Under stated income mortgage loans, stated income loan lenders requests you to state your income and accepts this information at face value. In order to get a no doc loan, you need quite a bit of equity in your home, … Continue reading "Stated Income Loan Lenders"

Manufactured Home Lenders in California

Manufactured Home Lenders in California: the 3CALoan Advantage Manufactured home lenders in California provide manufactured loans that are considered to be lower in cost than site-built home loans. Nevertheless, manufactured homes are still a huge investment. Manufactured home lenders in California make financing for a manufactured home loan much more attainable. As compare to site-built … Continue reading "Manufactured Home Lenders in California"

What does it mean to refinance a home?

 How can you refinance on a house? Are you interested in learning how you can refinance on a mortgage? In this blog post, that is exactly what I plant to address. Before you refinance on a mortgage, you’ll want to make sure you meet some caveats that the lender will inevitably require you to meet.